Print NFC chip cards toronto

Print NFC chip cards toronto
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Features & Benefits
-Avoid losing important contacts & Clientele
-Don’t have to keep on reordering cheaper less durable ordinary business cards
-Quicker more Efficient
-Saves you money in long term
-Presentable professional, Impresses high end clientele!!

How it Works
-We perform all the labour and programming of your business contact details on a nfc customized chip card
-Your client simply taps your nfc card with their iPhone/android
-your contact details are stored onto an organized list of leads

Other options
Hand out the cards to clients to promote your business

To grow your business

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The process runs as follows: 
1) CARDS : NFC NTAG213 ISO RFID Cards Blank White PVC
2) PROGRAM : Commercial software and hardware to encode and verify NFC tags
3) PRINT CARDS : Datacard SD260 ID Card Printer

PVC Plastic Cards With a NFC Chip Inside
Your Custom Print In Colour On both Sides
Your Contact Info Programmed n this card
Graphic Art and Proofs Included

To get our one card $8.88 deal

We print on your PVC card with a NFC chip in it. Can program your NFC chip. Have stock of NFC chip cards in Toronto 

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If you don’t use these NFC Cards and want QC Codes 
Below Video on making these cards

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Samples Of Cards